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About a week before Thanksgiving, Tom Bolt got a call from the Salvation Army informing him there were “no turkeys.” That’s when Bolt got to work. In less than a shake of a turkey’s tail, Bolt, the organization’s board chair, says, “We sent out letters, phone calls to local retailers.”


Celebrating Our Constitution: The Independence of our Judiciary

Recently, some of our own self serving political gadflies and misinformed citizens appear ready to destroy this delicate balance by attempting to inhibit persons appointed to the judiciary from exercising their obligation of deciding cases fairly and impartially. And why?


Estate Planning Software: One Size Does Not Fit All

An article headlined “Have you made a will?” by McClatchy-News Service, published July 1 in the TechKnowledge section of The Daily News, made several claims with which I disagree concerning the supposed benefits of individuals using estate planning software programs to produce their own “cookie-cutter” wills and trusts.


Be Prepared: Helping Your Closing Go Smoothly

Be Prepared: Helping Your Closing Go Smoothly Houses Magazine August 2010 Ronald Pennington


An Outdated Interpretation of the Constitution Restricts the Franchise of American Citizens Residing

Organic Act Article 2010 Virgin Island Daily News-June 21, 2010 Lisa Michelle Kömives

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