At BoltNagi PC we pride ourselves on continuing to attract the best and brightest attorneys and professional staff from throughout the country. See the listings of job opportunities, summer programs and contacts below, and picture yourself building a challenging and rewarding career in the United States Virgin Islands, “America’s Paradise”.

Currently, there are no available positions at Bolt Nagi PC.

The summer associate experience at BoltNagi PC is just what you’d expect from a unique law firm based in “America’s Paradise”, the United States Virgin Islands. It’s both challenging and fun! From the interview process to the variety of work assignments to the social activities, the Summer Associate Program is designed to give you the ultimate experience. The Summer Associate Program is designed so we are able to expose law students to every aspect of the firm’s practice and its attorneys, as well as assess the abilities of the summer associates as future BoltNagi PC attorneys.

Summer associates are given a broad range of assignments designed to expose them to every aspect of the firm’s practice. We also strive to allow summer associates to work with as many of the firm’s practice groups as possible. Summer associate assignments range from one day legal research issues to preparation of extensive legal briefs, motions and other pleadings. In keeping with BoltNagi PC’s practice, we strive to have summer associates “make a difference” through their experience with the firm.

In addition to traditional work assignments, we strongly urge our summer associates to gain additional experience through observing our attorneys in action. We routinely arrange for our summer associates to attend depositions, court proceedings and various corporate transactions.

Please contact Jenifer Smith, Firm Administrator, at (340) 774-2944; (Ext. 207) or [email protected]

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