March/April 2016: The TECHSHOW Issue!

Welcome to the TECHSHOW issue of Law Practice! In honor of our grand conference, we tackle a lawyer’s duty of technological competency. Some may ask, “As long as the client is satisfied, why does anyone care? Don?t the results speak for the methods employed anymore?” But these questions have recently become less clear than ever. […]

Interview with Tom Bolt (Law Practice-Law Student Division)

Peggy Liu (Law Student Division) interviews Tom Bolt, Chair of the Law Practice Division.

Let Client Service Be Our Watchword (Law Practice Magazine-January/February 2016)

In the previous issue of Law Practice, I discussed the Law Practice’s Division theme of building bridges with respect to the attorney-client relationship. In this marketing issue, I think it compelling that the most important aspect of any firm’s marketing strategy is client service. Superior client service is an investment that can drive law firm […]

Law Practice Today Magazine-“The Leadership Issue” (December 2015)

From the 1957 inception of the American Bar Association’s Select Committee on the Economics of Law Practice, the predecessor of our Law Practice Division, issues of law practice management have been at the forefront of our mission and programming. This year, however, the division leadership has expanded on that core area to focus on the […]

“Building Bridges with Clients in Mind”-Law Practice Magazine (November/December 2015)

  Our theme in this particular issue is law firm finance. The bridge of law firm finance needs to be constructed with the client in mind. Gone are the days when clients routinely pulled up to the law firm pump and stood idly by while the legal services charges spun wildly out of control. In […]

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ABA Webinar: Career Choice Series: Government Affairs

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Attorney Tom Bolt Appointed to ABA/FJE Council

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“Final From the Chair column”-Tom Bolt (Law Practice Today Magazine, August 2016)

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