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The travel and leisure business is the leading industry in the United States Virgin Islands. It is quite diverse, opportunities are great – but risks are many. The market is booming as developed markets mature and emerging markets create new wealth. You have to know where consumers want to go and what they expect when they get there.

Success in the business of financing, building, buying, selling and managing hotels, resorts and tourist attractions requires long hours and hard work. You have to know when to turn over, or tune up, high-value assets. You have to be smart, quick and careful .  While it helps to be lucky, there is no substitute for experience and planning.

BoltNagi, PC has a longstanding commitment to helping investors, developers, operators and service providers turn concepts into profitable realities. Being a firm in one of the top destination markets in the United States and in the Caribbean, we are always up-to-date on trends, best practices and the laws and regulations that govern your activities.

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