Bodily Injury

A bodily injury suit involves a claim made by somebody who is alleging that some act or omission on the part of a defendant caused them to experience bodily injury, illness or death. This can involve an automobile accident, accident involving a non-auto type of vehicle, a slip-and-fall, a product liability action or a construction site accident, just to name a few.

Success in defense of such bodily injury claims depends on a direct and aggressive approach, one which all of our attorneys utilize in evaluating and defending each case. Immediate investigation regarding the circumstances of the incident, identification and interviews of key witnesses, preservation of critical evidence, and the identification of appropriate experts at an early stage are the central facets of our defense strategy. For example, by identifying and retaining an expert to assist in defense of a particular element of a plaintiff’s claim at an early stage, we are able to focus our discovery and document investigation and gain an advantage as compared to the plaintiff and other defendants. We control the pace and the direction of the litigation by taking the lead in the early investigation and subsequent discovery phases of the litigation process. We also identify those matters where alternative dispute resolution is appropriate and assist our clients in advancing these options as part of the overall defense strategy.

BoltNagi’s attorneys have vast experience defending clients in all of these types of lawsuits. Bodily injury claims can be simple or complex, and involve a litany of issues that we are prepared to handle in an efficient, direct and aggressive manner. Our focus is on providing an early evaluation and formulating the best game plan for attacking the suit on liability and damages in order to maximize the result for our client while minimizing the cost.

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