Government Relations

BoltNagi PC’s Government Relations Group is wide-ranging, conducting activities involving the legislative and executive branches of the United States and territorial government, and local agencies and regulatory boards. Our government relations team is comprised of attorneys and legislative professionals committed to representing our clients’ interests at all levels of local, regional, national and cross-border governing bodies in the United States and abroad. We combine legal and advocacy skills with strategic skills that have been developed over decades of work on an extensive variety of legislative and regulatory projects.

Current members of the BoltNagi PC government relations team include a former counsel to the Legislature of the Virgin Islands and attorneys whose legal careers have focused on legislation, administrative and regulatory matters. The effectiveness of our government relations practice is based upon our competence and credibility, and we have forged strong and trusting relationships with elected, appointed and career officials.

As part of our comprehensive government relations practice, BoltNagi PC has an extensive team of attorneys and legislative specialists who represent client interests before the Legislature of the Virgin Islands. This experienced team assists clients in developing and pursuing the legislative strategy that best suits their company or organization’s needs. Our work entails legislative monitoring and in-depth lobbying efforts, which includes speaking at committee meetings and public hearings on behalf of clients and working with individual legislators on specific issues. Our government relations team is experienced in representing witnesses that testify before committees, preparing legislation and amendments, and analyzing the impact of legislation. We also bring considerable knowledge of the Virgin Islands appropriations process and how its budgetary provisions and language amendments can affect a client’s business interests.

During sessions of the Legislature of the Virgin Islands, we collaborate with our clients to monitor legislation. We attend relevant committee meetings and maintain vigilant contact with the leadership, committee chairs and key staff to identify legislation that may be helpful or adverse to our position. We partner with our clients to implement a relevant agenda that best addresses their particular interests, then find legislative sponsors and liaison with the Governor’s office and leadership to advocate passage of the legislation.

When the Legislature is not in session, we team with our clients to build their relationships with members of the legislature, the Governor’s office and other key departments. We monitor study committees to build the support for – or against – legislative policies. In addition, we work with clients to pursue contracts with territorial agencies through the traditional procurement process as well as through innovative public-private partnerships.

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