Civil Litigation

The business world revolves around relationships.  And sometimes those relationships break down.  A poorly-drafted contract, partners who fail to hold up their part of the bargain and litigious competitors all add to the complex nature of business today.

When business relationships break down, you need advocates to look out for your interests. BoltNagi PC provides you with experienced civil trial attorneys who will serve you with strategic counseling related to case evaluation and budgeting.  We strive to assist you in all phases of the litigation process, including tactics on risk management and how to reduce potential exposure to lawsuits.  Where appropriate, our attorneys will advise you on mediation and settlement options.  If litigation proves necessary, our attorneys will engage in the essential trial preparation and presentation with the goal of obtaining the best possible results for you.

Our litigation team has the breadth of experience to assist you.  Our attorneys have successfully handled cases involving:

Our clients include Fortune 1,000 companies with a presence in the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as small businesses and prominent local companies.  Tailoring litigation goals to the needs of our clients – no matter their size – forms the basis of our litigation defense practice.
Litigation does not fix broken relationships. But with proper planning and passionate advocacy, it can provide some measure of justice.

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