Landlord Tenant

Landlord-Tenant law concerns the rental of commercial and residential property. Landlords who find themselves with a tenant who will not pay rent, or otherwise comply with the terms of their lease, can be placed in a precarious financial situation. Their rights and remedies are found in the Virgin Islands landlord-tenant law which provides for the forcible entry, detainer and restitution of real property and a number of other federal and territorial laws.

Successful advocates for a landlord understand the multiplicity of issues that can arise when initiating and prosecuting an eviction. In particular, landlord’s counsel needs to be particularly attuned to the many procedural safeguards that exist in the law for tenants. In the end, a landlord who is forced to evict a tenant wants to do so quickly, with as little expense as possible.

BoltNagi has extensive experience representing landlords, property owners and property managers in a variety of landlord-tenant disputes and litigation. BoltNagi provides expert legal counsel to housing authorities and private landlords in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our broad range of services in landlord and tenant litigation includes such services as initiating forcible entry and detainer proceedings, contract and lease review, and regulatory compliance. The laws surrounding tenants and housing are constantly changing, and the BoltNagi Litigation Practice Group and the Real Estate and Financial Service Practice Group lawyers are constantly working to make sure that their clients get the best result to protect their valuable investments in their property.

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