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At BoltNagi, PC, the Litigation Group is devoted to representing our clients in the defense of civil lawsuits, particularly in the area of personal injury liability law.  Because our practice is focused exclusively on defending our clients against claims of liability, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in personal injury matters.  We have significant experience representing insurance companies and their customers in civil claims involving auto accidents, premises liability (slip & fall injuries), on-the-job injuries, construction site accidents, medical malpractice, product liability,  and all manner of boat, motorcycle, airplane, and motor vehicle crash injuries.  Our extensive experience representing the insurance industry in these cases allows us to provide superior representation and unparalleled advice to our clients.

Because our practice is devoted to defending personal injury cases, we are able to anticipate and manage the tactics and strategies routinely used by plaintiffs’ attorneys. Our experience also allows us to readily identify frivolous cases, and recognize attorneys and firms with a history of filing meritless claims.  We provide an honest assessment of the plaintiffs’ cases to our clients. To ensure that our clients are not taken advantage of, we provide zealous representation and an aggressive litigation posture. Your company should not be held liable for damages that are not your fault, nor should your company pay excessive settlements merely because of pending litigation. Our representation will give you a range of options while defending lawsuits, including economical settlement of meritorious claims and trials or arbitrations of suits with disputed issues of liability and/or damages.

Plaintiffs’ attorneys are committed to recovering as much money as possible, whether justifiable or not, from your company.   Our goal is to streamline the litigation process for handling legitimate and illegitimate lawsuits and thereby save you time and expense.

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