Personal Injury

When litigants file lawsuits claiming they have been the victim of defamation, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution or invasion of privacy, those claims are generally referred to as personal injury claims. These types of claims can be brought against individuals, homeowners, small businesses, large corporations and even public entities and officials. In almost all personal injury torts, damages are presumed. In some instances, insurance companies provide coverage to their insureds for personal injury claims. In other situations, the defendant is left to litigate the case from their own financial resources.

Personal injury claims often originate from rights and privileges afforded by the United States Constitution and the Revised Organic Act of the Virgin Islands,as well as civil rights laws enacted by Congress and the Legislature of the Virgin Islands. Thus, when choosing a lawyer to defend said claims, it is imperative that the lawyer has a strong background and understanding of constitutional and civil rights laws which provide a vast array of defenses that should be seized upon by the experienced litigator when defending such claims.

BoltNagi has a strong history of defending individuals as well as private and public entities faced with personal injury lawsuits. BoltNagi has lawyers who have specific expertise in the procedural protections, substantive standards and privileges afforded defendants sued for alleged personal injury torts. Many times, our attorneys are able to avoid the cost of trial and protracted litigation by having these types of cases dismissed at an early juncture through dispositive motions. However, in those cases where early resolution or dispositive motion is not an option, BoltNagi has seasoned and experienced trial attorneys who stand ready to vigorously defend their client through trial.

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