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BoltNagi, PC assists in the creation, implementation and operation of Internet exchanges and marketplaces, and offer a wide range of other services, including assistance with Intellectual Property matters. Although the Internet has only recently become a household word, neither the legal and business issues surrounding the global Internet network, nor those surrounding the data, voice and video networks and electronic data interfaces (EDI) and electronic funds transfers (EFT) generally, are not new to the attorneys at BoltNagi, PC We have been representing companies in all facets of network communications and electronic commerce since the early 1990s.

Today we assist clients in matters ranging from the provision of the Internet’s underlying infrastructure, to the development of Internet-based services such as on-line banking and informational database services to establish launch of co-branded web sites, to the utilization of the Internet for on-line sales and marketing, to the provision of data, voice, and video services over public and private networks to the establishment and provision of public key infrastructure (PKI). In addition, we work with executive management and business development personnel to find and structure new and innovative ideas for deriving revenue from the Internet.

The Internet’s explosion in popularity has presented many opportunities and risks to both our technology-driven product and services clients and our other corporate clients. We provide the services necessary to permit our clients to take advantage of the opportunities and to understand and allocate the risks associated with the Internet, including web site review, web site co-branding, referral and marketing arrangements, intellectual property protection, network privacy and security, electronic distribution of goods and services, electronic contracting and EDI, and employee and third-party (customers/vendors) policies for the use of electronic mail and the Internet.

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